"F' U, G+!"

Well, I reckon you have to "be there" to understand, but the mass-eviction of the Google-Plus community is enraging in many ways, sad in others; but mostly, criminal! G'damn'ed thieving Google-"god" nay, Judas!... 

Who in hell "owns" G+, anyway, what's Alphabet's f'kin' Stock Market ticker symbol; I've got your number GOOG/GOOGL and I'm gonna tank you, damn right! one day, just wait, you'll see, you'll be sorry ... damn right!

Meanwhile, 'reckon I'll just have to learn another platform (Hello, Bloggers!) on which to post and link the "News & Views" section of a personal online newspaper I'm developing, called La Vieux Carré Times I call it a "'net-paper" and the prototype is located at www.vieuxcarretimes.com although -- presently -- the "News & Views" section is "under re-construction" (thanks to the Google+ blue meanies).  La Vieux Carre' Times


Forget Google, here's a link to about 400 videos I recorded around town (New Orleans' "French Quarter" neighborhood) of musicians, artists and poets.  I'll start with this, then link this Blogger account to my VCTimes' front page "News & Views" section: http://www.youtube.com/user/NewOrleansThomas/  Here's a sampling:

Thanks for letting me join, & rant on, Blogger, whatever this is.  Oh, and yes, I do realize Alphabet owns both YouTube and Blogger.  The "gods" are everywhere, I reckon.... (:

~thomas balzac
La Vieux Carré Times


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